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Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Update for Aero Fox III

I have updated the theme so it is nearing completion. There are still some issues to iron out but it improves on the 3.0.1a release.

You can download 3.0.1b here

For those of you who use the All In One Sidebar, I have fixed this so the vertical side toolbar appears correctly.


HIServant2 said...

Well My Friend, Good Mornin' to Ya!
Acquiring an itch you might say, for a different look and feel to the whole Firefox experience, I ventured over to the "Themes Dept.",as it were, and after due course in time, was both surprised & delighted with what I found. I truly had no idea of the talents out there that have been so freely, and in some cases, generously expended for so many of us to enjoy at will! So I downloded 6 to be exact and out of the six, AERO FOX 1.0.5 was the only one that could be utilized with RoboForm as the other five are too dark to read the verbiage next to the symbols which are default black. Anywho, having read your to-the-point, brief but efficiently descriptive bio I was moved particularly by all that you've got yourself involved in to keep your family afloat, if you will. I hope and pray, not just in a manner of speaking but in truth, that Christ Himself is your Lord and Savior and ever present Help in time of need, for if He is not then all the donations in the world won't make-up for the loss of time expended in your "love" for theme-building that could be invested as it were, in your greatest possession... your family. God has blessed me that I may perhaps 'bless' others in some humble fashion. So as soon as I get finished with this rather long-winded 'comment', rest assured that a donation will be forthcoming. And if you catch a breather in-between all your responsibilities, thank your Heavenly for His generosity, mercy and love for and towards you and 'yours'. HIServant, D.V.Garrett.

Kathryn said...

I really want to install AeroFox, but after downloading it I get this error message.

Invalid or corrupt jarfile C:\Users\Kathy\Desktop\aero_fox-3.0.1b.jar

Any ideas on what may be wrong or what I'm doing wrong? I'm new to firefox and so it may very well be that I am not doing something correctly.

BobbyGee said...

Love this theme, one change I would like to see however, when you 'Mouse over' a bookmark in the bookmark tab bar the text grays out and can't be read.

How about leaving it white, or changing color to something that contrasts highly with the black background?

mikebogis said...

i also get the same message,
Invalid or corrupt jarfile C:\Users\Kathy\Desktop\aero_fox-3.0.1b.jar
what should i do?

DrInferno said...

I downloaded and tried aero fox 3.0.1b and it looks even better than I remember it lookin on 2.0. Thank you for updating your layout. Just hope firefox updates it on the main site.

Joshua Kim said...

Hmmm. I downloaded this, but it goes to my desktop. how do I change it to an add on?

samsung 24 said...

There is a clear set of instructions on the right-hand side of the front page telling you how to install the files!

Larry said...

Hi. I just downloaded and installed Aero Fox 3.0.1b (per the stated instructions!), and I noticed one item immediately. Non-active tabs in the tab bar seem to run together. The active tab is obvious--no problem there. I request some slight divider/separator between non-active tabs--just something to visually distinguish tab from tab.

ra-v said...

I must agreed with Larry:
separator between non-active tabs is really needed
except that one small thing that's the best theme ever