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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Aquatint Black Gloss for Firefox 3

You can download Aquatint Gloss for Firefox 3 here

I still have to take care of some of the smaller details but it should display nicely without the major issues people are reporting for themes running on Firefox 3 that were designed for Firefox 2.

For those of you who use the All In One Sidebar, I have fixed this so the vertical side toolbar appears correctly.


Texas Beauty said...

Hi there! I love this design, but when I download it onto Vista I am receiving a message that the file is corrupt or invalid. Any thoughts?

TOM said...
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Chobitssu said...


I had the same problem too but solved it. First, open Mozilla and go to the Tool tab on top and open Add-ons. If you saved the program (file) on your desktop drag it on to the Add on screen and it should install. Hope this helped. ^^

Blake Hurd said...
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Blake Hurd said...

Is this theme going to be updated at all in the future? I really like it (matches well with Windows Zune theme), but it has a couple issues. I'm using Firefox 3 RC1 at the moment, and both it and Firefox 3 Beta 5 have these two issues.

1) The disabled text color in the file menu is still dark gray, so it's almost unreadable against the dark gray background of the file menu.

2) The back and forward arrows don't have working hovered equivalents (I know they exist within the toolbar image, but something is wrong with the CSS that controls the refreshing of the image).

Jeff Pritchard said...

Love the theme,
Keep up the good work