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Friday, April 11, 2008

Aero Fox For Firefox 3

I have a test release for Aero Fox built on the new default theme for FF 3. I am still working on some issues but this fixes the problems with the tabs and the search bar. I still have some things to figure out but this makes it a little more functional for those of you who have made the switch.

I would appreciate any feedback to let me know of any issues. I still have some of the details such as the preference windows and so on so they are on the way. Please let me know of any problems that show up or any suggestions to improve on the theme. I will keep working on this and eventually release a final version on the Firefox Add-ons page along with the rest of my updated themes.

You can download and install this version of Aero Fox here


Anonymous said...


I love your Aero Fox FF theme.

One thing, can you make the font color on javascript box (such as alert) not white? maybe a little bit darker color? or maybe let user to specify their own. I cant really read them right now :(

Thanks before hand and great job!!

Josh said...


As requested just thought I'd provide some feedback. The Theme seems to be working fine for me on FF3 apart from the close buttons on the tabs look unaligned to the tabs position. They seem too low. I'm using 1280x1024 Res.

Keep up the good work.

samsung 24 said...


Thanks for fixing the search bar and tabs.By the way can you please make aquatint black gloss work with FF3 beta 5 as it is my favourite theme.

Keep up the good job with your themes bodizzle

azud said...

hey bodizzle

i am really interested in this theme, but i cannot open it on my computer for some reason, it says the file is corrupt, how can i get around this?

keep up the good work, people like you desrve a medal.

Jacob M said...

He states quite clearly how to install themes:

# All of my themes are .jar files. To install First save the file to your hard drive.
# Then, open Firefox/Thunderbird>Tools>Add-Ons.
# Drag and drop the .jar file in the theme window and click install.
# Select the theme tab and click on the "use theme" button.
# Restart Firefox/Thunderbird to use the new theme.

Minozake said...

How exactly do I install this if I don't have a file manager? It isn't obvious, and I don't want to install a file manager just to install a theme.

Bodizzle said...

Just click on the link for the theme you want to install. Save the download to your hard drive. Then open firefox>tools>add-ons and then drag and drop the saved file into the window. It will ask you if you want to install. Click install. Then go back into the tab with the list of all the themes you have installed, click on the "use theme" button. Restart firefox and your theme should be working.

Maggie said...

Hey, thanks for the Firefox Theme! I love it. You did a wonderful job. It is absolutely gorgeous. :o)

Nathan said...

First of all I love the theme!
However, like hadrian said, dialog boxes, certain pop-ups and other such things are quite light as far as the text goes. Making either the background darker or the text darker would make it a lot easier to read them!
Keep up the good work though, you make great themes!

michael said...

dude it says file is corrupted or sth
gahh its pissin me off

the_eNeME said...

Couple more things I just found.

1: See screenshot

2: The "Content" button in the options (visible in the above screenshot) doesn't go anywhere.

Also, you may want to darken the slider that separates the Search bar and the address bar and the dividers between the other tool bars. They seem out of place as they are.

the_eNeME said...

A couple more things.

Your "Bookmark this Page" screen (CTRL+D) doesn't have a background.

The (x) on the find bar (CTRL+F) seems to be cut off a bit.

DonkeyJab said...

Just wanted to leave a note as well. I love this Aero Fox theme and appreciate the work you put into it. As luck should have it I found your theme a week before upgrading to FF 3 RC1. I'm using your Beta 2 version and everything seems to work well.

Two minor bugs for me are when hovering over File, Edit, View, etc. they turn black which makes them invisible. The other one which is quite annoying is the bookmark popup has to background as the above user said. It makes it very unsightly. Other than that I love it and will continue to use it.

On a side note, is it just me or is it not possible to move the bookmark pop up any longer? I even tried using the default FF3 theme and it appears the bookmark is unmovable. I don't know why but this irks me!

Daniel said...

One problem: on the personal toolbar, the image you use is fixed-size, which doesn't work when you resize it (leaves a gray gap up top). Where it says "background-color: rgb (245, 245, 245)", that's really light gray. you probably want something closer to (5,5,5). Great theme, otherwise

MisterB said...

I've just installed Aero Fox on Firefox 3, and I notice that when both the vertical and horizontal scroll bars are present, there's a small white square in the lower right corner where they "meet". Is there some reason that wasn't "themed", too? (Looks kind of out of place) Thanks.

2356 said...

I like AeroFox. There is a bug in combination with Multirow Book Marks toolbar 3.7. There is a white line that appears if there is more than 1 row of bookmarks.