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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Abstract Classic for Firefox 3

I have updated the Abstract Classic file to work with Firefox 3.

You can download it here

All of my Firefox 3 themes need some fine tuning but they should all work pretty well as is. I changed a couple of minor things on this theme while trying to keep the overall look and feel of the original.


Dana said...

I've used the Abstract Classic theme with FF2 for as long as I can remember. When FF3 beta started becoming more robust I decided to make the transition.... only to find my favorite theme wasn't compatible. I then scoured the firefox themes trying to find something similar that was compatible. Or anything at all that wasn't horrid looking. In the end I could find nothing and actually uninstalled FF3 and moved back to FF2 JUST so I could use your theme.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm insanely glad you're still developing themes and extra ecstatic that Abstract Classic is now FF3 compatible ^_^. You're doing an amazing job with all your themes. Keep up the great work.

Suke said...

I instaled Firefox 3 but I wasn't satisfacted, there are several incompatibilities with my plugins so I installed the older again but I can't install Abstract Classic 2.1.8 anymore! I tried in many sites like
but when downloading, appears an error.
Could you please, put the older version somewhere else or update the link in Mozilla site?
And thank you very much, you did such a great job with this skin, I can't use Firefox without it anymore.

Андрей said...

Abstract Classic is my favorite theme but it has a little bug. When it is used with Tab Mix Plus 0.3.7 beta (recent builds from http://tmp.garyr.net/dev-builds/), rolling points on a tab bar are absent when webpage is loading. Version of Abstract Classic is 3.0.1. Some other themes have this bug, but some themes including Standart Firefox theme is working fine.