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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Aquabird Black is Ready

You can download my Aquabird Black theme for Thunderbird here and install or get it from the Thunderbird Add-Ons page now. There are a couple minor issues with text color for junk message notification and things like that but overall, the theme is ready. Enjoy.

I also updated my Aquatint Black theme so the text issues with that one should be fixed also.


Sander said...

Hi Bodizzle,

First, THANKS for creating a GREAT Thunderbird theme.

Here are some quick observations. The one that stands out most is that Lightning is not themed, which sort of sticks out like a sore thumb, since it covers a fair piece of Thunderbird real estate. Also, in the same area as Lightning, the "Contacts Sidebar" extension has the text "Address Book" and "Search For", in black, on the charcoal background of Aquabird, and the close button that you usually color aqua, is difficult to see since it is also Charcoal.

You have done some GREAT work on Aquatint Black, and Aquabird Black. They are both 10's in my book. LOVE the color scheme EXACTLY as it is!!! Please stay at it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, just leaving a comment on how much I love your Bible Fox themes. However the address bar has started to "jump" whenever I restart Firefox since it has upgraded to I have disabled addons and it still does it, it does not do it with any other themes that I have tried. Thought I would let you know and cheers for making my surfing experience a Godly one!

Sander said...

After more use, and thought, I have a second round of observations, and suggestions with the following.

When you place the cursor over the titles on the Menu Bar, instead of the hover color being the gradient aqua image (beautiful), as it is in Aquatint Black, the color remains the same as the background. In addition the text used for the menu bar is large, unlike the smaller text used in Aquatint. IMHO, the same solution you implemented for Aquatint should be used here. I am referring to the default small text, with the ability to change the font to a larger size if desired

When you launch the "Write" window, the text for the titles "From", and "Subject" are black, against the dark background, thus obscuring them. Also, if you are using Contacts Sidebar extension in the "Write" window, then the same black text against dark background problem is apparent, just as it is with Contacts Sidebar in Thunderbirds main window.

If you drill down to options (Fonts, etc) within the Options window, then nearly all of the windows also suffer from the black text against dark background.

Lastly I want to express my opinion, and desire that you do NOT change the dark background to a "Blacker Black". The present apperance is what attracted me to Aquatint and Aquabird in the first place. THERE ARE OTHER "BLACK" THEMES AVAILABLE, however there is ONLY ONE truely unique Aquatint Black, or Aquabird Black theme with a dark, yet textured appearance.

Okay, one additional last thought. It would be helpful if you gave users a specific instruction on where to leave feedback like this. Since you don't respond to the feedback in print on either you blog site, or on the Mozilla site, it is difficult to know where you would prefer it. :-)

bc said...

Aquatint Black is very nice. A classy theme with a different look.
The only problem I have is the drop-down arrow on the far right of the links bar. It's there (I use it!), but it must be black on black as I can not see it.

Great job,

Bob Chrisp
Sebastian FL

David said...

Aquabird is a fantastic theme. Indeed, I believe it is the best available. However, Sander's comment ("black text against dark background") is one thing that I think needs attention as it can be very difficult to read option text. Nontheless, this is a great theme. Keep up the good work and thank you!

G~ said...

hello! first, *APPLAUSE* for creating the bible themes! awesome and a pleasant surprise for Christians out there. :)

i wanted to ask/suggest/beg for green colors. :) i am addicted to green, seriously... an earthy, sage/oregano-like green for any of your current themes would be SOOOO cool!

i also had a question about the .jar file type. i can't get those to open for me.

any suggestions?

thanks for all your hard work!

Sander said...

Hi Brett,

Any progress on the Aquabird Black issues? Please tell me you haven't
given up on this theme. :-)

P.S. Mail to your listed Mozilla account is bouncing.


Bman said...

I haven't given up on the Aquabird Black theme. I have not had a lot of time lately since school started back up along with the fact that Thunderbird themes are much more difficult to work with than Firefox. There are so many little things to tinker with and when I fix one problem, it seems to mess up something else. I will keep tinkering with this theme because it is one of my favorite Thunderbird themes and those little issues you brought really bug me. They keep it from being a complete theme.

As for the email address, I switched from Verizon to Comcast but I cannot figure out how to change that in my Firefox user account.

Anonymous said...

Cool, Thanks for all the add ons. do you think you could attempt an NCIS tv show theme? just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Cool, Thanks for all the add ons. do you think you could attempt an NCIS tv show theme? just a thought.