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Monday, July 16, 2007

Tutorial for Creating Your Own Firefox Themes

For all of you who have expressed an interest in working with Firefox themes, I put together a .pdf file on how to create or customize your own Firefox theme. I am sure there are some things to be added which I will as I get feedback but I believe it covers all of the necessary components in better detail that what I have seen available so far.

You can download the file from the top of my links column on the right.


Anonymous said...

Great guide! I'll add a little telling you how I do things.

I suggest 7-zip because when I used winRAR they begged me to buy it every time I opened it

For the image editor I suggest paint.NET. It's free and it great. Not as good as Photoshop or GIMP but I hear GIMP is not very user friendly and that it's hard to use, but Paint.NET is very user friendly and has a nice UI.

I have heard from everyone to extract the files to edit your theme. I must be pretty weird or something because I edit the jarfile itself O.o. I set .jar to open with 7-zip by default so it will open that jar file with 7-zip and I edit everything from there.

For the text editor you really should use a simple one like notepad. It's so simple unlike word which is better for document, not CSS files...

So anyways great, great, tutorial! I suggest the for people wanting to create themes badly.

I actually found it helpful and I develop themes. :) I was always confusing with -moz-image-region but this tut cleared it up for me. I always had to mess around with it to get it right but now I know what to do so thanks!

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried paint.NET but I have heard that it is very good and best of all free.

I agree with what you hear about GIMP. It is great, but not user friendly. I haven't been able to figure it out very well and Paintshop Pro is awesome.

Definitely use notepad or wordpad. As far as the zip program, I will have to try that out. I have not heard about it but WinRAR hasn't asked me to buy it yet like WinZIP did.

Keep the suggestions coming. I will keep making improvements on it and updated it periodically.

SupremeAntBee said...

Thanks for this! I will definitely give it a read and see what I can come up with for a first timer.

Anonymous said...

Wow, some great advice and thankyou Bodizzle for creating the Bible Fox themes! I had fallen away from God then when I came across your themes I felt a little repentant then yesterday made my peace with the Lord. Just wanted to thankyou for your amazing themes and to say thankyou for spreading the message/doing His work. Your a very talented person (all your themes rock!), keep up the good work! Pax Vobis

WarTiger said...

Just grabbed this tutorial yesterday and am slowly trying to figure this out. I'm at the point now to create the graphics I want to use but when I scale them down to the (I think) necessary size, they are very pixelated. I also am somewhat lost on how to integrate my icons over the current ones that are in my template theme that I'm using. I'm determined to figure this out cause I've looked forever for an Auburn Tiger theme and have had no luck. So, I'm going to try to do my own. Thanks for the guide.

SALVADOR said...

I just downloaded your tutorial but I am having a hard time finding the mentioned files.
Is the tutorial for previous versions of FF? I have 3.0 and when I unpacked the classic file it didnt have many of the files mentioned.

I cant find the the contents file, from then on it was a struggle trying to make sense so I stop rather then fight it.
I will apreciateit if you can shade light on this.

Thank you!