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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Firefox Zune

I haven't posted an update on here for a while but my newest theme comes at a request for a black/orange theme to match the newest Windows XP Zune theme. I combined some of the features of Abstract Classic and Aquatint Black to create this theme. It still has a little work but should be functional. If you are interested in it, check it out and please give feedback so I can get it released on the Firefox Add-ons page.

You can download it here and install it manually or get it from the Sandbox at the Firefox themes page.


Ryden said...

I love that you're working on this. I'm using Aquatint and Aquabird Black right now, and I was trying to find one in orange to match the Zune theme. So, yeah, way to go on getting that covered--can't wait till you get it all finished. It'd be even better if there were a Thunderbird Zune to go with it. (I guess that's my formal request.) Thanks and keep up the good work.

XaVi said...

Great theme. Can you do the theme for Thunderbird?

Jim said...

I really like Firefox Zune and used it as a basis for a theme call OSU_Black if you get a chance could you check it out in the sandbox.

A quick question you may know, how do I change the text color when the menu item is highlighted?

Tadas said...

Great job done. I like the Zune theme for Windows desktop and now my Firefox is skinned same way.

The only thing that's not perfect - is it possible to change white borders that surround top menu? Preferably to something black, like Zune desktop theme.

Jim said...

Could you go to the sandbox and review my OSU Black theme which is based on your Firefox Zune theme.


Bodizzle said...


Can you send me a screenshot of what you are talking about? What operating system are you using?

I have a feeling you are using mac or linux but it will help to see a picture of the white border. It shouldn't be a problem to fix that though.

Jim, I can do that.

Jim said...

I don't know how to send you a screenshot.

Tadas said...


XP 32bit.
Notice the borders around menu.

Jim said...

How can I change the background from dark grey to blue? I used Firefox Zune as the base theme to start with.


dj Rimzi said...

I currently have AreoFox theme and love it and am very interested in your Firefox Zune (loving the orange and black). It would go great with all my OSU (Oklahoma State) gear *smile*; it's my Alum.

However, I cannot seem to find it in the Sandbox nor am I able to dwnld. it manually. What am I doing incorrectly? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

~ Thank you for all your hard work as well... keep up the great work. (:

Jim said...


You should be able to go to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6159 in the sandbox area and try out my OSU theme based on Firefox Zune.

Jules said...

Hi Bodizzle
I am using Vista and in the main context menu the text is not visible until you point at it with the mouse. It would appear the text is the same colour as the background. It looks great in XP though, good work and thank you.

samsung 24 said...

Hi bodizzle, can you please make this theme compatible with firefox 3 beta 5.