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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Aquatint and Aquabird are Back!

I have redone Aquatint and Aquabird. It is awaiting approval right now and but I have it available on this site now. While they are waiting on approval, you can download the latest version here. Also, if you would, please go to the Sandbox area of Firefox and Thunderbird Add-Ons and rate my themes. They did not approve it for public download the first time because it was lacking reviews.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing back
Aquatint. It was one of my
favorite themes, and I hated
losing it when I upgraded
to Firefox 2.0.

mouserunner said...

I am so grateful that you updated Aquabird.
I had initially approved Bible Fox for Firefox and Abstract Classic when I WAS a reviewer. Now the system makes it too hard for you all to get an add-on approved which is really too bad.

I left a review on AMO perhaps you can contact me about some other themes?
Thanks and take care.

Mr. B said...


Were you the one that asked about possibly remaking Aquatint/Aquabird when my Abstract Classic was approved?

It was a HUGE pain trying to get these two Aqua themes approved. I was denied three times because I didn't have any reviews in the Sandbox. They kept telling me that a theme must have reviews in the Sandbox though I kept pointing out that they clearly state reviews are useful but not absolutely necessary.

The Aquatint theme had a big following and my themes are all built from the same foundation making them all as stable and functional as the rest.

Send me an email, I would love your input on improvements/changes.

rbendett said...

Aquatint seems to be perfect but Aqua bird seems to have a few items which need fixing. In the Compose Mail window there is a second drop down arrow in the section box for To: etc.
The top header bar in the sidebar of main window and address book window does not match the rest of the theme color. The menu highlight in Aquatint seems just right but the width of it and spacing between it and menu items in Aquabird does not seem right. Thanks for all the work on some great themes.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm new to Firefox as I was a longtime user of Opera. Sadly, too many applications don't work with Opera. I love the Aquatint theme. As is the case with Cobalt, the menu font is too small for me and your way of fixing that via userscss is far too complicated for this fool. Can you consider offering larger text, maybe?? Thanks-alan

Anonymous said...

gefällt mir ausgezeichnet nur schade, dass die schrift so klein ist.

Zack said...

Love the theme but is it possible in the next update that you fix the tabs so that the close button is below the blue strip so that the two don't run together

Nancy said...

Email me at promo11@dc.rr.com I have never been able to use Thunderbird and I could use it , I have timewarner , is there something that I am missing?

Stephen said...

Very nice theme! I love it!

however, i got this sliding address bar effect with the below configuration:
aquatint 1.0.2
forecastfoxenhanced (placed at toolbar-menubar position 2)

anything below the toolbar will start to slide downwards whenever forecastfox reloads weather data. I don't understand why it happens. This doesn't happen on other themes though. a bug maybe? ;D

Magnifico said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Johnnie said...

I have the same problem as Stephen with Aquatint Redone 1.0.3, Firefox 2.0.11 CS and ForecastFox 0.7.2006101001

When ForecastFox is downloading new data, statusbar begins to move up, when it stops downloading, statusbar jumps back to its right position.

Aquatint too nice theme to be buggy

You can look at this image: