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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Now I think it is final

I have completely overhauled Cobalt Thunderbird and believe that all the major bugs have been fixed. It should be working now without any major issues. There are still a couple of minor things that I have not been able to fix but I will keep working on it.

This theme better move up to number 1 with all the stinking time I have had to put into it! I hope it was worth it and I hope you enjoy it.

Please let me know of any problems you come across.


Dedalus said...

Hi Bodizzle.

From my previous post, the status of bugs from 3.0.5 in 3.0.6 release:
1.(NOT FIX)some menu item not is aligned to hothers;
2. (FIX) in add-on manager when i click to "check for updates" and no updates exist, in the information label the close button ("X") not is displayed.
3. (FIX) add devider between the header of mail and the mail.
4. (FIX) the arrows for manage the treeview account view they aren't displayed.
5. (FIX) Go to "Local Folders" folder "outgoing mail" click with right mouse button on menu item "property".
The button control his have incorrect border.
6. (FIX) in "Print preview" mode (menu-->File-->Print Preview), the preview toolbar is missing!
7. (FIX) when I resize the hight of attachement frame and moving to another mail, when return to the original mail, the frame of attachements not has saved the hight.

Thanks for your great work!!


rocco said...

I found one missing feature, the clear button in quick search is missing.

Dedalus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dedalus said...

Ciao Rocco.
I think this not it is a bug:
the clear button in quick search is missing also in the default theme.


Revertron said...

Hi man, I really like your theme!
But, the new version 3.0.6 grayed out most of my windows and most of frames in main window. even status bar become ugly and gray like Windows.

Please, fix this up, I liked it so much.

Revertron said...

This is like it is looking now:

rocco said...

Dedalus, at least the default Linux skin has a blue X clear button in the quick search feild, if something is written in the search field itself.

Anyway it would be nice to have a clear button.

rocco said...

One other thing with 3.0.6. In the folder list the current folder is no longer marked, so that one can see in which folder you are at the moment, when you have focus on the message pane or the an email. Would be great if that could reappear, this was one of the big advantages over the default theme, apart from the better looks of cause.

Dedalus said...

Ciao Rocco.
You are right! The clear button in quick search, displayed after i have insert one or plus char, is missing also for me in Windows XP sp2.


Mick said...

Love the Bible blue theme for Firefox - any chance you could port that to Opera somehow?

Firefox is nice, but my real love is Opera (web browser). Thanks for putting together all this - it's fantastic!! God bless.

Mick in Ohio

Mr. B said...

As of now I am going to stick with Firefox. I haven't looked into Opera themes yet and at the present time I do not use Opera. I will keep it in mind though and may look into it at some point. Keep checking in.

David said...

There is a really strange bug in the 3.0.7 Cobalt Thunderbird theme: When I use the small icons in the toolbar the "Move to previous/next unread message" buttons are reversed than when I use large icons.

I've fixed it easily by just switching between the next and previous entries (toolbar[iconsize="small"] #button-*) in the 'messenger/primaryToolbal.css' file.

Thanks for your work.

Russ said...

I love the Cobalt TB theme (3.0.7), but have run into one bug: In the Edit Saved Search Properties dialog, if I click on the Choose... button for "Select the folders to search", Cobalt does not display the list-- it starts to draw a scrolling list but fails to complete it. Modern Modoki does not have this problem, but some other themes from other developers also do. Keep up the good work!