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Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Website and Theme Updates

I have finished most of the updates to my themes. I have a couple of them left to update but I will have them uploaded this weekend for everyone who has updated to Firefox 3.5.

After 8 months of being unemployed and looking for something to pay the bills, I have just finished up a contract to partner with Ask.com. What that means for me is I will be able to focus my full attention on creating and maintaining my theme collection and spend the time needed to keep them looking and working their best.

What that means for you is my themes will now be free from this point on. In order to keep the themes free, I will bundle the Ask.com search engine with my themes. When you install one of my themes, the default search engine in the toolbar search window will be reset to Ask.com. By using Ask for your searches, you will help subsidize the cost needed to spend time updating and maintaining my themes and provide the necessary support for any issues that come up.

I understand that not everyone wants to use Ask so it is very easy to switch back to your favorite search engine. However, if you haven't tried Ask out, give it a try. I have been using it exclusively since they contacted me and have found that Google isn't the only search engine out there that gives you great results.

I hope to have my updates uploaded and my new website up by the end of the weekend. I appreciate all of you who have supported me by purchasing my themes over the past year. I believe my decision to partner with Ask will be the best way to make sure I can continue to offer the best possible product.


ron said...

Any update to as to when the theme updates will be coming as im waiting on abstract zune premium....8o)

Bodizzle said...


I am getting ready to upload the new releases now. I have completely redesigned Zune to fit with the XP Zune theme. I hope you like it since it now fits perfectly with the Windows theme.

Daifne said...

To install the Ask.com garbage without consent or notification on updating the themes is appalling. How dare you. I understand your situation, but to stoop to malware behavior is beyond unethical.