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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update on My Current Situation

Some of you have commented that you have not received a response to comments.

I have been delayed in updating for a variety. This has been a crazy time in my life in case you did not see my recent post.

I was laid off from my job, we found out my wife was pregnant with our third child a week later and lost our health insurance, my wife's uncle who was very close to our family died in early February, and the job market is really crappy right now so I have been scrambling to try to take care of our situation.

Recently, I have been creating blog layouts and small websites to earn some extra money so I have not been able to focus as much attention on getting the bugs worked out with my themes. I apologize for this and hope you understand.

I am working on a new website and blog along with updates to my themes. I create and manage the site and my themes entirely by myself so there are no other developers besides me.

Right now, my image is not at the top of my list of things to worry about, it is making sure we can stay above water until things turn around. Part of that, however, is to make sure my website and all my themes are working perfectly.

All updates are free so when they are working properly, you will get a notice to download and install the update.

I appreciate your patience as I try to get everything updated and taken care of.

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