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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


When my buddy (@johnweiss for twitter fans) told me about how great Twitter is, I made fun of him. I still make fun of him but at least on this topic, he was right. Twitter is an amazing way to get connected and let people know you are out there.

I also fought people on Facebook until I was forced to get an account while I worked with Flock in order to test my themes out with their browser interface. Once again, I must say Facebook is quite fun to mess around with and post pictures to and get connected with old friends. I had a friend that I hadn't talked to since 4th grade find me and send me a note.

Sure, a lot of this takes time and requires self-control but it is fun. All of these social networking sites have one thing in common, they are all integrated into Flock's UI so give Flock a try and keep track of all your account activity on the people sidebar while using your browser window for browsing. It will let you know when you need to check your account and with many of the accounts, you can just post/update directly from the sidebar.

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