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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Website and Theme Updates

I am currently updating my website along with my themes. There will be significant changes to my premium themes that I hope you will enjoy.

Some of the things that I am working on or have improved:
  • The ability to get automatic updates so you will not have to purchase a new version every time.
  • Improved toolbar usability allowing the height of the toolbar to increase/decrease depending on the mode you decide to use.
  • more detail such in things like preference windows and skinned buttons.
  • better functionality with extensions like Tab Mix Plus, Colorful Tabs, and AIOS.
  • More.
Stay tuned as I get things ready to go.

I have been extremely busy with work so I apologize to those who have emailed me. I will be working on responding to emails in the next couple of days to get caught up.

1 comment:

Severine said...

I am using your Abstract Zune for my version 3. I like dark themes. I used to have redshift-black, but unfortunately it doesnt work on version 3. Your theme suits me well. Thank you! - Yenny