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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Updates Available

Updates for Aquatint Black, Aero, and Aero Silver are now ready at http://www.virtusdesigns.com

The rest are on their way when I have some time, hopefully this weekend.


Anonymous said...

The new version of Aero Silver is too dark! The active tab being so much darker than the other tabs is a bit confusing. I also have lines between my Search Status plugin sections. Maybe my eyes just need to adjust to the new theme, but the previous version looked a bit more fluid IMO.

Dan said...

I am using Bible Blue Basic. I have noticed that the navigation bar does not resize smaller when the icon size is changed to small.

yoursfromabove said...

I really like the new Aero Fox (Black), but there is one quick thing to note, and that is anything in the menus at the top that uses a check mark (such as work offline, full screen, etc) do not have the blue mouse over effect, they still have the grey one from the previous version. Just wondering if this was on purpose?

Jayson Knight said...

You also forgot to theme any user added toolbars, like Del.icio.us or the web dev toolbar. They appear to be the stock FF colors, which doesn't look good w/ the silver theme or the black theme.

Reivax said...

Your themes are amazing, but there is a little bug that make a special kind of popup unable to display.
You need to add 'scrollbar' at the bottom of the scrollbar background rules in global/scrollbars.css

It would be great if you could fix this !

Time&Space said...

I've purchased three themes - maybe a month ago. I see that updates are available. Am I entitled to get these without buying again? If so, how do I go about getting them??

Darren said...

I have tried using Aero Fox (the free one from the Mozilla site) but it does not work on my machine.
It installs ok, but when I restart Firefox, the window does not show. The process does not stop responding, Task Manager lists it as running, however I am unable to ever get the Firefox window to display. Even if I close it from task manager and re-start it, I still get an unresponsive invisible Firefox.

The only way I can get round this is to start Firefox in Safe Mode and enable the default theme.

Do you have any ideas why? Is this a bug you need to fix?

Anonymous said...

Well the silence around here is deafening. I'm going back to your free silver fox theme, it looks 100x better than the new premium one.

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