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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Aquabird Black Update and Aero Thunderbird Available

I have updated Aquabird Black which you can download here. You can also get my Thunderbird version of my Aero theme here.


DaComboMan said...

Excellent dark theme!

Do hope to see updates for Bible blue for FX and TB.

Thanks again!

DaComboMan said...

I'd prefer to p.m. this but it seems that the Aero theme doesn't allow me to see if the boxes are ticked or not in the smtp settings.

José Roberto said...

I found this theme perfect to my taste, BUT there are some popup windows and menus (edit >> preferences) where you used white text over light grey background and is impossible to read.

I tried to fix reading your tutorial but that was too much complicated for my skills.

If you could send me a hint where I have to hack I would appreciate a lot.


José Roberto

tigreseis said...

I love your Bible themes. Any chance of getting an Auburn Tiger theme set?

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me how to change the background of the menubar and the navigation toolbar?

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me how to change the background of the menubar and the navigation toolbar?

Anonymous said...

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Nate said...

In the AeroFox 1.0.5 screen shot what weather addon do you have installed?

alastair said...

These themes are great and match well with my XP RoyaleNoir desktop theme.
Unfortunately, I too have experienced José Roberto's problem of finding white text over a light grey background very difficult to read.
E.g The Firefox Companion Ebay sidebar loses its usefulness when you can't quickly see the status of items you are interested in due to their being difficult to see using these themes.

V. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
V. said...

Aero Thunderbird is a great theme... I'm using it right now! yeahhh

I just would like to ask if it's possible to include on the next update, a more visible "arrow button", next to the icon "Get Mail"...It's a great option for everyone that uses many accounts at the same time, managing to select individually the account from where we want to get new mail...

Thanks for this wonderful work.