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Friday, April 13, 2007

Updated Bible Fox Themes

I have updated my Bible Fox Brown and Blue themes (versions 2.0.1). This update takes care of the problem with buttons in the preference window. I fixed the scroll bars a little and changed some other minor details. Please let me know if you have any suggestions to make them better. The one thing that I am not totally satisfied with is the roll over effect of the tool bar icons.


DaComboMan said...

I love both of your themes for Firefox and Thunderbird!

The blue one is pretty good too but the original is hard to beat! Wonder what a touch of purple would do? Or, how about light clouds in the upper lighter area of the browser?

Wish i could do some of this artwork.


-p.s. i have a Compaq notebook working on a Network and Ubuntu just doesn't want to connect to the web... at least with previous tries. Perhaps with this latest version and it's Christian touch might do the trick?

Mr. B said...

Thanks for your comments. I am happy with how the blue theme came out but I agree with you on the brown one. When I first thought of the idea of a Christian theme, the brown was what I had visioned that type of theme to look like. I am glad that so many people have found it to their liking. From what I have heard, the developer of Ubuntu Christian Edition is planning on using it as the default theme for Firefox in their next version of Ubuntu CE.

mistressliz said...

Lovely Christian flavor and great shade of brown. Thanks..

mistressliz said...

FAQ. On the Mozilla add-ons page you have a css script.
Can you tell me more about how to do that? I have Adobe Golive and entered the command code but nothing changes. I need the bigger font.
thanks in advance. mistressliz

Matthew said...

Lovin' the new blue theme! Now I can have blue on XP and brown on OS X.

frere said...

Love both your themes. I upgraded to version 2 on each. Good work.

I have a little problem with it. I have my Search Engines in the far right on the navigation toolbar. The symbol for the Search Engine (for example the "G" for Google is right on top of the text I type into the search bar. Does this happen to anyone else?

Mr. B said...

I have never had anyone tell me about this before so it could be a setting with your firefox.

johneg said...

I have to agree with dacomboman I love both Bible themes, but I recently upgraded to Thunderbird 2.0 and Bible Thunderbird doesn't work with that version. Are there any plans for an update I hope so, I really miss it.

Mr. B said...

I will start working on a Bible Thunderbird theme for 2.0 soon. I have been busy with some of the other themes as of late but I will get to it.

I will also put a blue Thunderbird theme together at some point as well.