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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bible Thunderbird UCE

I have updated the Bible Thunderbird Theme to work with TB 2.0. I am not liking Thunderbird 2.0 so far. I think version 1.5 was better but that is just my humble opinion.


DaComboMan said...

I second that motion!

Searching folders IMO was much quicker and the hight lighting feature for the search results is no longer there.

Thanks for the upgrade!

Ambrose Burgin said...

Thank you again very much for creating the Bible Thunderbird Themes! I would be grateful if you would consider extending this theme to cover the Lightning Calendar extension. Lightning comes with some very nice buttons, but these are all replaced with plain writing when you switch to the Bible Theme for Thunderbird. If you create a theme for the Lightning extension, it will be good for Sunbird too. In the meantime, could you at least copy the Lightning buttons into the Bible Theme, so that they are not lost when you switch themes. I think a lot of people are going to want to sync their Google Calendar with Lightning, so that they can use Thunderbird instead of Outlook. Thanks again for your help.