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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Bounce" in Revelation

This may not be a bug in my theme but a Firefox issue. I found this article.


and many people reported a bug where the browser window would bounce for various reasons. People have solved the "bounce" using various methods but it is not limited to my theme. This does not happen on every computer and seems to be limited from my experience to Windows users. I have it installed on XP and have tested it and do not get the bounce.

You may try uninstalling Firefox and download/install the latest release.


Anonymous said...

Good Day,

This is my 3rd attempt to receive response from you.

01/17/09 did I download + install your Aero Fox Silver Premium theme to my latest Firefox 3.0.5 edition.

As menitioned from several users already also I exprience this terrible bouncing window. Once your theme is uninstalled and another one installed the bouncing is gone.

This means this issue has to be related to your product development.

Please, reply with a solution in how to resolve this issue or, refund payment. I have purchased your product with my email address accounts [at] tiiws.com, PayPal Transaction ID: 48S77997MF426745D.

Thank you in advance, have a good day.

Georg Fritscher

Jan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jan said...

Also i would like a refund. I have 2 themes ("Aero fox premium" and "Revelation") from here and they all bounce. Either fix them all or give me a refund. For now these themes are unusable (Vista/FF 3.07)!

Paypal Transaction ID's:
7PV820479R5736605 and 8UJ59174H6435563L

Thanks, Jan